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Thoughts On Dental Emergencies

AT OUR PRACTICE, WE CARE ABOUT EVERY aspect of your oral health. Unfortunately, emergencies are sometimes unavoidable no matter how careful we are, or how hard we try to avoid them…that’s just life. So, Dr. Larry wanted to touch on dental emergencies for a minute…

Although it may seem like a minor thing to you, a dental injury to your teeth or gums should not be ignored as it can be potentially serious—with risks of more permanent damage, OR more extensive (and expensive) repair down the road.

Here are some of our team’s thoughts about common emergencies:

Rinse with warm water and be sure nothing is lodged. Apply an ice pack if needed to reduce the swelling, and call us as soon as possible. We probably need to take a look.

Chipped & Broken Tooth?
Although it may sound sort of gross, save the pieces of the tooth if you can. Soft wax or vaseline can reduce sensitivity if the broken part is sensitive. Apply gauze pressure if you’re bleeding. See us as soon as you can.

A Knocked Out Tooth?
“Time is of the essence” in trying to save a tooth. (watch the video below)

Hey, be careful out there! And wear a mouth guard to help prevent an injury! (talk to us about the 3 kinds of mouthguards that can prevent tooth injury, reduce or prevent concussions and improve sports performance. We want to help you keep ALL of your teeth—FOR LIFE!

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