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June is Migraine Awareness Month

FOR MIGRAINE SUFFERERS, IT MAY SEEM AS THOUGH there are only two options—either suffer in silence with a bottle of ibuprofen, or go to the doctor for something stronger. However, experts say that as many as 95% of migraines may be linked to dental issues. So if you, your child, or other family member suffer from migraines maybe it’s time for a chat with our practice instead.

Your Migraines May Be Caused By TMJ or TMD

TMJ refers to the temporomandibular joint. This is the joint responsible for jaw movement—talking, crunching, grinding, clenching, etc. It’s a complex system of bones, muscles, and tendons. When something interrupts the function of this system, it’s referred to as TMD, or temporomandibular disorder. Treating it is part of a discipline of Neuromuscular Dentistry which is a special interest in diagnosing and treating headache problems for me and my team. We receive referrals from all kinds of medical doctors, including many specialists, to assist them in managing the wellness of their patients with unresolved head  and neck pain.

Migraine is a Vascular spasm that is sometimes a progression from a muscle spasm problem. In fact, the Academy of General Dentistry states that over 89% of headaches have a muscle origin.

If your jaw is misaligned, your muscles are strained trying to put (or keep) your jaw in its proper place. Soon it starts impacting all the surrounding muscles, including your neck, your head, and even your spine.

Some TMD Symptoms Include:

  • Popping or clicking jaw
  • Sore teeth
  • Facial pain
  • Aching neck muscles
  • And of course, Migraines

Treating TMD

TMD research is still a developing science and treatments can range from fitting a mouthpiece (some call them (wrongly) a splint but I call it an orthotic) to actually adjusting one’s bite, or the microocclusion. If you’re suffering from pain in your jaw, your teeth, your face or head, or migraines (with or without other symptoms) come in and ask us about it. We can check your bite and see if dental or neuromuscular issues may be to blame. You can learn more from our website or from Occlusion Connections

Our team is not only concerned with your oral health, but we’re also concerned about your overall health and comfort. If you have questions about TMJ or TMD, leave us a comment below, send us a direct message on Facebook, or contact us for an appointment.

As always, thanks for the trust you place in our practice!


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