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Dr. Larry Stanleigh

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Women’s Oral Health Concerns Thumbnail

Women’s Oral Health Concerns

ALTHOUGH MEN AND WOMEN have a lot in common, there are quite a few differences when it comes to...

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When To See The Dentist Thumbnail

When To See The Dentist

BECAUSE PREVENTION IS such a major part of good dental care, it’s critical to visit the dentist for regular...

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Men’s Oral Health Tips Thumbnail

Men’s Oral Health Tips

MAINTAINING GOOD ORAL HEALTH is crucial for everyone, but that can mean different things for men than...

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Smoking And Oral Health Thumbnail

Smoking And Oral Health

THE DISEASE WE USUALLY think of when we hear “health risks of smoking” is lung cancer, but the damage smoking can cause...

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Preparing Your Smile For The Big Day Thumbnail

Preparing Your Smile For The Big Day

YOU’VE DREAMED OF THIS day your whole life. You have the ring, the fiancé, the planning is...

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Managing That Halloween Sweet Tooth Thumbnail

Managing That Halloween Sweet Tooth

HALLOWEEN IS OUR favorite spooky time of year, but when it comes to sugar’s effects on teeth, all that candy can be...

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