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  • Anonymous says:

      I had an overbite that made my two large front teeth stick out. I had always felt shy about them and never would smile in pictures. Dr Stanleigh suggested whitening all my teeth and veneers on the front four. I was able to try “temporary “veneers out first to see how I like them, I needed the front two teeth made smaller so when the permanent set was made it was perfect. I love these veneers and smile all the time! My teeth are just white enough to look totally natural and I looked wonderful for my wedding pictures! I can’t thank him enough! My only regret was that I didn’t do it sooner!

  • Allan Mogridge ) JX says:

    Larry – you are the best and you are also a very fine fellow and you have wonderful staff and your organization is faultless and you were recommended to me by Roy Rasmussen when you took over the practice and — oh well that’s good enough!

    Will arrange to see you after my medical Doctor (the best also) gets through with me.

    Hi to all the Gang.

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